De-legitimization:  the 4 D's of Destruction
The de-legitimization campaign against Israel negates Israel's right to exist based on a variety of political and philosophical arguments.

The first is denial of Israel’s historical, religious, and legal claims to the land. There are blatant attack's such as the recent 
UNESCO decision ruling that Israel has no historical claims to the land. Then there is the oft repeated Palestinian narrative of “occupied” territories which does not include history of how they arrived at the current status or why Palestinians migration to the land of Israel began after the Zionists movement took hold.

Israel’s enemies and even self-proclaimed "friends" are turning Israel into a pariah  state  and by challenging the moral legitimacy of its authorities and existence. Among the slurs is the cry of racism. Israel has no moral right to exist because it is racist. Most notable examples are World Conference Against Racism in Durban in which Israel was accused it of genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, and apartheid and international “Israel Apartheid Week.” There are many references to Israel’s racist motives for creating the barrier. The fact that Israel is the only place where Arab and Muslim men and women have full political rights is not considered.and legal

Israel’s “settlements” are the problem. The current administration in agreement with professors and students in America and Europe pretend that the only reason for the problems in the Middle East is because of  Israeli obstinacy as if it is the fault of the Israelis and not the rejectionist Arab world.

Palestinian hate education depicts Jews as sub-human. The anti-Israel imagery, as is well documented in Palestinian Media Watch, takes a page out of the Hitler play book showing Jews a dogs, pigs, and brutes. In spite of hurling such Nazi symbols against Israel, Palestinian and other Arab, Iranian, and increasingly Western media are replete with cartoons and other images which portray Israelis as the new Nazis. Tarnishing Israel's reputation and  status as a free and democratic nations creates the q threat of an imposed international final “status” solution or the “one-state” solution.  

Israel is held to a standard of conduct to which no other nation in  this world is held. Returning to 1967 Borders is not an argument raised against other nations. (After World War II, Poland annexed 10% of historic Germany (East Prussia); Morocco   controls the Western Sahara; Armenia has controlled 15% of neighboring Azerbaijan since 1994; Turkey has controlled half of Cyprus since its 1974 invasion; Russia has controlled the Kurile Islands off northern Japan since the end of World War II, and China has occupied Tibet since 1950.) One of the most egregious examples of the double standard is the Goldstone Report, which concluded that Israel has no right to defend itself in response to terrorist attacks.

NGO’s, colleges, unions and other groups promote grassroots activities such as boycotts, divestments, and sanctions (BDS) as a way to 'correct Israel's ways.' The goal is to isolate Israel and cripple its interactions with the rest of the globe.


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